Our Story

It all started in May 2020. Lockdown (v1 !) was just coming to an end and after eating my way through the previous 12 weeks I knew my body needed a reset. I was full of sugar, processed foods and getting vegetables and fruit into my diet was proving difficult ! With 3 kids under 8, my focus and energy went on them -  not me !

Having juiced many years ago (just for myself) I knew the power and goodness of juicing so I knew exactly what had to be done.

I started to juice again with my centrifugal juicer (the most commonly used juicer in a home but definitely not the best) and while I felt a bit better I wasn't getting the full benefits and nutrients from the vegetables and fruit I was juicing. 

After a lot of research on the different type of juicing machines I ordered the best cold press machine possible. A cold pressed machine retains more minerals, vitamins, enzymes and taste than any other juicing method. It doesn't 'spin' and heat the vegetables like a centrifugal juicer (thereby loosing and killing the glorious enzymes) and I can honestly say the quality, freshness and taste is amazing - exactly what's needed when doing a juice cleanse.

I have increased my knowledge of juicing and furthered my education with a Juicing Diploma accredited by the CMA (Complimentary Medical Association)- next goal to be a Juice Therapist! 💚

Since cold pressing juice I've truly never felt better ! Sleep, energy, skin, bloatedness, clarity -  the benefits are there for all to see and I want to share my passion and help you on your journey to feeling great !