The HPP Myth!

So you may have heard about HPP, seen it on bottles and even on some Juice companies websites.

But what is HPP? Well HPP, or High Pressure Pascalisation, is a type of pasteurisation that uses high pressure to reduce the microbial content in juice (as well as wiping out all of the probiotics!). Though it can reduce potentially harmful pathogens in the juice, what it really does is destroy all of the amazing nutrients packed in our juices. Any cold-pressed juice that has been HPP processed is not allowed to be referred to as fresh, so keep your eyes peeled, because it simply isn’t !

While we certainly drink our cold-pressed juices because they’re incredibly delicious, I’m also passionate about drinking juice for the myriad health benefits it provides. The most delicious and nutritious juice you can get is juice that is fresh, raw and cold pressed from the best produce. When juice is HPP processed, it is heated, and drastically affects the nutritional profile of the juice.

A lot of the nutrients in our juices are not shelf stable, so extending the lifespan of a juice beyond four or five days wipes out many of the benefits the juice would have given you.  Antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins degrade the longer a juice is allowed to sit, so you’re missing out on much of what makes juice so great. Some companies claim that HPP preserves or locks in the nutrients, but this just isn’t true!

In order to HPP process juices, they need to be more acidic. That means that we’d have to change the make up our juices just to further process them. As well as that, juices that have been HPP processed experience change in flavour over time, and it’s not a change for the better. The longer they sit (even if they’re still technically “good” to drink), the worse the juices taste.

So, what does it mean? Well, there are loads of reasons to drink juice, but almost as many reasons to avoid HPP processed juices. They may still be cold-pressed, but they’re not raw, fresh or nutrient-dense. I believe if you’re doing a Juice Cleanse you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Now that you have the facts, I hope you’ll choose wisely!